So one of the things someone actually said to me was, oh I wouldn’t do anything with WordPress because it’s only good for blogs. Now that might have been true in say four years ago because I used to say that about five years ago because I was doing Joomla sites. I don’t have a problem with Joomla, I don’t have a problem with Drupal and I don’t have a problem with any other CMS.

Do you want to be let in to a secret it doesn’t actually matter which CMS you use, yeah I said it doesn’t matter which CMS you are going to use. What you’ve got to do is to produce a website which meets your clients objectives now as long as your CMS can do that whether its WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or any of the other gamut of CMS’s out there even one that you would make yourself it doesn’t really matter.

It needs to meet your client’s objectives, that’s all and that could be to sell products, that could be get leads and that comes down to the UI and the design but realistically the CMS is probably the least important thing as long as you’re able to build the site on it, it doesn’t matter, I mean with all of the one’s I’ve just mentioned you could put E-Commerce systems together, you can build custom and bespoke sites and you can do what you want with what ever CMS nowadays.

The most important thing you should be focusing on building a website that meets your customer’s needs, it doesn’t matter which CMS you use to do that. So if you agree with me that it’s not about which CMS you use but actually about meeting a businesses objectives which is why we build websites then give this a thumbs up if you agree or disagree with me please leave a comment. Thank you very much for reading.


By: Andrew Fairweather